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Ambi Climate 2
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The World's First AI-powered Air Conditioning Controller

Ambi Climate 2

World's first AI-powered air conditioning & heat pump controller

Comfort and convenience like you've never experienced.

Comfort AI Assistant
Artificial Intelligence
Personalize your comfort and save energy
Advanced Control
Advanced Features
Make cooling and heating
more intuitive and sophisticated
Award Wining
Design & Technology recognised
Advanced Smart Home Features
World's only Comfort AI Assistant

If you like the temperature slightly lower on a hot afternoon, it takes that feedback seriously and works to ensure you experience nothing but personalized comfort from that point on.

Award-Winning Design

As temperature, humidity, weather and sunlight change throughout the day, it automatically and precisely adjusts your cooling or heating settings just how you and your family like it.

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2-year warranty
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In-app and online support
Comfort AI Assistant
Comfort AI Assistant
Free Lifetime subscription
Augmented Reality Ambi 2

Try it before you buy it

Use Augmented Reality to see how Ambi Climate 2 will look like in your house.

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Smart Home integration

Make your home smarter

Ambi Climate increases the value of your smart home systems by working in harmony with leading platforms

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Comfort and convenience like you've never experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my air conditioner / heat pump compatible?


Ambi Climate is compatible with air conditioners and heat pumps, supporting over 50 brands and 1,200 remotes. Whether your system is window mounted, wall mounted, split or portable. Ambi Climate can work with most infrared remotes that have an LCD screen; and will work with both cooling and heating! If your remote is not listed on our compatibility page or if you have a Frigidaire remote, please send us photos of the front and back of your remote and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q. Can I share my device with another user?


Yes. You can share your device access with as many users as you like, be it your parents, partner or anyone else. They can set-up an account and you can provide them full or limited access depending on your preference.

They can build their own personalized profile by providing feedback on their comfort. If multiple users are present, the AI will adjust the air conditioner or heat pump based on the last feedback given.

**Subscription may be required to enjoy AI-related features. Please contact us in-app or send us an email at [email protected] if you need more information about our subscription service(s).

Q. Is it simple to set up Ambi Climate?


Our simple and quick installation process lets you install Ambi Climate in a breeze! Simply download our app, plug in your Ambi, connect it to your WiFi network, followed by a few in-app steps and you’re good to go! Setting up the device takes approximately 5 minutes, no technician required.

Q. Does Ambi Climate need internet and power all the time?


The Ambi Climate needs to be powered on at all times and have access to stable internet connection to control your air conditioner or heat pump.It should also be plugged into a power outlet directly using the accessories included with your Ambi Climate to provide sufficient power for the device to send infrared signals.

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Comfort and convenience like you've never experienced.

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