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Ambi Climate App

Ambi Climate App

With state-of-the-art functionality

Control your air conditioner & heat pump with your phone via our companion app

Comfort and convenience like you've never experienced.

Multi user
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Used in +100 countries
World's only Comfort AI Assistant

AC & Heat Pump Control at your fingertips

  1. Advanced Control
    Just the perfect temperature

    Find the perfect temperature with just a few taps on your smartphone. Your partner, kids, parents and guests can also change the temperate with their mobile devices.

  2. Comfort monitoring
    Your temperature, your way

    Access in depth insights about preferences and usage patterns across different time periods as well as environments. 

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Comprehensive monitoring

  1. App Control
    View anytime, anywhere

    Our straightforward app will show you what’s happening in your home any time, anywhere. From humidity levels to temperature changes, you’ll never miss a thing.

  2. on off button
    Accommodate your modern routine

    Schedule multiple timers. Customise them by naming and setting them according to your differente routines.

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Flexible automation

  1. Geofencing
    Your AC is always ready for you

    GPS tracking and humidity rules make automation a breeze. Come home from work with the air conditioner activated ahead of time. 

  2. Smart Home
    Know more about your home

    Control multiple air conditioners and heat pumps with one app. Easily manage all the connected rooms in your home with our intuitive interface.

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Ambi Climate product range

Discover Ambi Climate product range

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Voice control integration

Seamless smart home integrations

Works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems.

  1. Voice control
    Voice control

    Control or adjust your AC using voice commands through Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

  2. IFTTT logo
    Fully connected

    Create advanced rules and get all your smart devices and apps to talk to each other with IFTTT.

Discover Ambi Climate product range
Ambi Climate Mini
Ambi Climate Mini

All the essentials in one powerful device

Ambi Climate 2
Ambi Climate 2

World's first AI-powered air conditioning & heat pump controller

Ambi Climate product range

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