Ambi Climate 2016 Recap

2016 was an eventful year at Ambi Climate! Thanks to your support, we’ve introduced new features and expanded our global reach. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to:

New Features

Here are the Top 3 new features and upgrades we’ve introduced over the year:

1. Insights 

The new “Insights” feature is designed for those who like to gain valuable information on their usage metrics and behaviours, such as average AC usage, modes and set points over the course of 4 weeks. It also displays a tailored analysis for each user from our AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, where users can gain a better understanding on which factors (such as luminosity, weather, metabolism) affect their comfort level most!


2. User Management 

We’ve also added a new user management feature on the app that allows you to invite others to control your Ambi Climate. Not only will it be more convenient in the long run, but the shared access will also mean higher transparency of AC usage for the whole family!


3. IFTTT Integration 

The highly-anticipated IFTTT integration is now available! You can now connect your Ambi Climate to other devices that can act as triggers to control your AC, or vice versa. For example, you can turn on your AC before you arrive home or when you switch on the lights, send a tweet when it gets too cold and many more! Simply register on IFTTT now and build your own personal, comfy and automated smart home!



Worldwide Networks and Recognition



Earlier this year, we launched an additional online retail platform on Amazon, and thanks to your support, we’ve received a number of fantastic reviews from our customers worldwide!

One of our objectives at the start of the year was to begin a retail network, where our supporters can purchase an Ambi Climate unit offline. We made substantial progress with currently over 25 retail locations across Hong Kong, and distributors in both Thailand and Malaysia selling Ambi Climate. We are also happy to announce that Ambi Climate is now available in the new b8ta Santa Monica retail store in California. With interests from distributors worldwide, we are constantly looking to expand into other regions, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!


Ambi Climate is now available in b8ta Santa Monica, United States 

We kept up the momentum and received several positive media reviews and awards, and generated a total of 130 + media coverages worldwide throughout the year! We were also honoured to be chosen as the winner of 2016 Hong Kong Electronic Industries Award under the ‘Smart Tech’ category and Mediazone’s 2016 ‘Most Valuable Service Award’ in Hong Kong.


Our Founder & CEO, Julian Lee (on the left), at the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Awards Ceremony 2016

 2017: Looking Ahead 

The Ambi Labs team is working around the clock to bring you something more exciting next year, so please stay tuned! We will also be joining CES in January, and if you would like arrange a meet up with our Founders at the venue or simply reach out to us, please feel free to drop us an email ! We will be located at Booth 40266, The Smart Home Marketplace, Hall A-D at Las Vegas Sands Hotel between January 5 – 8th, 2017.



Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From all of us at Ambi Labs

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