How To Solve Spring Weather Troubles with Air Conditioning

Can you feel it yet? That’s right – Spring is definitely coming. With warmer temperatures, higher humidity and more frequent rain, we will see everything blooming and get to enjoy all the fun outdoor activities we’ve missed all Winter! The concept of Spring seems so appealing that we often forget about the “headaches” this season brings along.

The rising temperatures and humidity levels affect us and our homes more than we know, create a huge comfort gap as well as bring along various ailments. Spring is not all fun, games and picnics in the sand; the nuisances you might experience are real, common and can easily weasel their way into our lives without proper care.


Mold Thrives in Spring

Have you noticed grey spots on your shower curtains, or white powdery circles on your clothes? These are mold and mildew! As humidity rises, these fungi will likely show up around your home because they love a wet climate. Being exposed to either can irritate your skin, eyes, and nose, with children being especially sensitive, to the point of asthma attacks! To keep your home mold-free, indoor humidity level should ideally be kept below 60%, using an air conditioner or a fan.

Mozzie Alert

Do you dislike mosquitoes? Who doesn’t! As winter comes to an end, we will start seeing these blood-sucking creatures flying around and roaming the streets again. The most annoying part is that when it rains, these pests will try to find warm and humid shelters… which usually mean our homes. But it’s okay – as they’re attracted to body heat, the AC can confuse them and reduce their ability to spot our location.


Too Humid to Sleep

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating like crazy? Spring will do that to you. The rising temperatures will obviously make us sweat more, but the higher humidity levels will prevent our sweat from evaporating, causing even more discomfort. This is true for any time of day, but especially terrible during the night, when all we want is deep sleep and all we get is stickiness.

What Can I Do_

  • Prep your AC for spring – schedule a proper cleaning and maintenance check to repair any issues
  • Buy a hygrometer to measure humidity levels at home
  • Go back home and turn on the AC every time it gets too humid
  • Constantly change the AC temperature according to the humidity level
  • Use a lower set-point temperature on your AC all night

You could also wear less layers or short sleeves, go to the pool or beach and drink more water; but these methods don’t sound too productive, do they? Looking for your AC remote thirty times a day, waking up cold at night or coming back to a humid, moldy home isn’t our idea of fun. It’s hard to maintain a comfy home environment and take into account every little thing that might affect it – be it temperature, humidity or the time of day. Most of us will mainly rely on blasting the AC, looking for a quick cool down, without thinking of power usage or if it actually helps us balance our environment; this will waste a lot of energy and increase your electricity bill, not to mention leave you uncomfortable if it gets too cold.

Luckily, your problems can be easily solved with home automationWhile traditional air conditioners only consider temperature, Ambi Climate takes everything into account; combining online weather data and smart sensor data with your personal feedback allows our powerful AI engine to analyze and learn from you, continuously auto-adjusting your air conditioner to provide the ultimate comfort, not only during Spring but year-round! Bonus? Ambi Climate can save you up to 30% on electricity and create a more energy efficient home. To us this is the cherry on top.

How are you gearing up towards the seasonal changes? Let us know in the comments, and Happy Spring 😉 Remember to subscribe to our blog and also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram!

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