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6 Summer Time Energy-Saving Tips

For many of us, summer means sunny days and warm nights. But with warmer weather, summer can also signify higher energy bills if you’re using more electricity to keep cool. We’ve rounded up a few simple yet effective tips on how to shave your energy spending. Keep these in mind through the summer months and your wallet will thank you!
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8 Insanely Smart Gifts That Connect You To The Internet Of Things

IoT friends, quantified self lovers, and all-around connected device enthusiasts, this one’s for you. With Christmas right around the corner, we’ve created an Internet of Things 2014 Gift Guide for all the quantified self lovers and their friends and family. Tons of IoT gadgets exists out there in the wild, so these are just a few of the products we’re really excited about. If you’re looking to bring in the new year better health, a better peace of mind, or the opportunity to unleash the tinkerer within, take a look at these connected devices below. We think they’d be great gift ideas for anyone looking for an IoT product to bring in the new year (and after reading this list, you may even want to get something for yourself). As a significant number of our readers live in Asia, we wanted to provide a list of products that are available or can be shipped within Asia. So, with a few exceptions, most of these products can be shipped to places like Hong Kong, Singapore, and other locations in the Asia Pacific region. Enjoy! Continue Reading