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8 : 30 am

You're off to work.
You follow the same routine every weekday, so you use the Ambi app to schedule your AC & heat pumps to automatically turn off.
It's one less thing for you to remember, giving you peace of mind and helping you save energy.

1 : 00 pm

You're not at home, but the forecast rain never came and the temperature is soaring. It's ok.
As a music lover, you set a temperature threshold with the Ambi app to keep you record collection in its best condition.
Ambi detects the temperature at home and turns the AC on to maintain an optimal environment which keeps your precious collection safe from the weather.

6 : 00 pm

You're on your way home after a long day.
Ambi recognises your phone's location and knows you're approaching. It turns on your AC to welcome you home with the perfect temperature.

8 : 30 pm

You're sitting in the living room after dinner enjoying music with a glass of wine. Now the sun's gone and you're finally relaxing, you start to feel a bit cool, so you adjust your AC by telling your voice assistant how you feel.

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