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What is Machine Learning?

Nowadays, Machine Learning is considered to be the most effective approach to achieving Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning involves training a machine to learn from a large amount of data, leading it to adapt its program pattern based on what it learns. Essentially, it’s the key to make technology gradually adapt to the needs of humans.


According to ASHRAE, there are 6 factors which affect your thermal comfort – while your air conditioner only takes temperature into account! With Ambi Climate, we took the existing problems your traditional AC presents and incorporated Machine Learning to solve them in the best possible way.

Temperature, humidity, weather, sunlight affect thermal comfort

Our smart sensors measure the “other” factors of thermal comfort: humidity and sunlight; we also collect online weather data to account for clothing, plus track the time of day to account for your metabolic cycle; the more feedback you give the system, the better Ambi Climate will continuously adjust your air conditioner for the ultimate personalized comfort, while allowing energy savings of up to 30% off your electricity bill!


Our extensive in-app insights and analytics can offer you a better glimpse into your usage patterns, the thermal conditions in your home, as well as your unique comfort profile – built with the help of your essential feedback. To read more about what you can learn through our app, check out our blog.

Ambi Climate app showing insights of thermal conditions
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Smart Life Delivered Your Way