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Sunday Spotlight – The April Edition

April 28, 2017

by Ambi Climate

April 28, 2017

by Ambi Climate

If you’re following us on Facebook, you probably know our “Sunday Spotlight”; every Sunday, we feature a gadget or innovation that we think is awesome and worth sharing with our fans. So many interesting products out there! A month ago we featured our picks for March, but a beginning of a new month means another roundup of our favorites from April; this past month we’ve had no less than five features!

Breeze 4K Drone by Yuneec

BreezeDronespotlight It seems like everyone has a drone nowadays! The Breeze 4K by Yuneec is a flying camera, controlled by your iOS or Android device with the Breeze Cam app and weighs just under 1 pound. Now you can capture aerial photos and video in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition! We definitely need to try it out ASAP. At a relatively low price of $450, this seems like a fun and possible addition for many of us to capture moments worth remembering. You can get your Breeze 4K right here.

Oomph Portable Coffee Maker

OomphSpotlight Most of us can’t begin to function in the morning (or in general) without a good cup-o’-joe; always looking for the best tasting coffee. The people behind Oomph Coffee Maker aim to stop your search for the perfect cup of coffee! The Oomph is the worlds fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup, insulated by an air barrier that keeps your freshly brewed coffee at the perfect temperature. Sounds like something we have to try! Originally a crowdfunding campaign, you can buy the Oomph on Indiegogo or directly on their site.


UprightGospotlight Ever found yourself slouching in the office or at the dining table? Most of us, unfortunately, don’t have the greatest posture – Upright Go aims to fix that within 2 weeks! Upright Go is a tiny wearable you can easily stick onto your back, and go on with life while it tracks your posture and vibrates whenever you’re out of tune, using its sensitive sensors. You also have an app to keep track and see your progress and strengthening curve. Goodbye back pain! Upright Go is live on Kickstarter now, so you can go ahead and back the project to get yours this June.

Blossom Smart Water Controller

Blossomspotlight You know we’re all about Energy Saving here at Ambi Climate, so when we stumbled upon Blossom we knew we are going to like it! The Blossom is basically a controller box set to replace your sprinkler controller – it creates a custom watering plan based on the weather, allowing you to control from anywhere and ultimately save water and money. We like anything that is eco-friendly AND saves up on costs! If you have a garden and need a way to track and conserve your watering, you can get Blossom on their site.

Ojo Scooter

OjoScooterspotlight With everyone trying to minimize carbon emissions, we see more and more eco-friendly vehicles on our roads and in our neighborhoods. Such a vehicle is the Ojo Scooter, a smart electric scooter with a sleek, patented ergonomic design and a HyperGear motor and gear system that will help you get up hills! The OjO supports a 300-plus pound weight capacity, which also gives the rider a stable & smooth ride of up to 20mph which makes it super bike-lane friendly. To find out more about Ojo and maybe get one of your own, head to their site.
We hope you liked this roundup of cool and useful products – Let us know in the comments if you have one of these gadgets or if this post has convinced you to buy something! See you in May’s roundup 😉 And as always – make sure to subscribe to our blog & follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for all updates!


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