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Sunday Spotlight – The August Edition

September 4, 2017

by Ambi Climate

September 4, 2017

by Ambi Climate

If you’re following us on Facebook, you’ve seen our “Sunday Spotlight”; every Sunday, we feature a gadget or innovation that we think is awesome and worth sharing with our fans. So many interesting products out there!

In August we had 3 awesome inventions to share with you, each helping out with a different aspect of your life. Read on to see what they are!


Ember Spotlight

Seems like we can never get quite the perfect temperature for our coffee – it’s either so hot it burns off our tongue, or not hot enough which takes out all the fun of drinking it. Ember is a smart mug that maintains your constant preferred temperature for up to two hours on the go, or all day long when used with its accompanying charging coaster. There’s also an app, so you can set your desired heat and wait till it’s ready. Coffee in the perfect temperature? Sign us up! You can buy Ember on Amazon.



Almost all of us have issues with sleep – whether it’s falling asleep, waking up or just not getting quality Zzz; we usually can’t really know what’s wrong. Circadia is an all-in-one sleep system that tracks your sleeping patterns, analyzes your body clock using those patterns and personalizes your sleep improvement program using A.I. tech and light techniques. The Sleep Tracker monitors your heart rate, breathing rate and body movement with sleep lab-tested 98% accuracy and the accompanying app helps monitor loads of variables to improve your sleep. Circadia is pocket-sized and it even has a “jet lag” mode to help restart your body clock! With the use of A.I., it truly sounds like a revolutionary little gadget, set to improve your life. You can take advantage of a special price and pre-order yours on Indiegogo (set to ship in March 2018).


Wallflower Spotlight

Who doesn’t get preoccupied with life’s distractions and forgets important stuff? When it comes to the kitchen, and specifically anything electric, forgetting can be super dangerous; most fires inside homes start in the kitchen! Wallflower is a smart IoT device that connects your stove to your electric outlet, and notifies you when there is a risk of fire. Wallflower’s monitor learns your cooking habits and pays attention when the stove has been on for longer than usual, then sends you a notification just in case it shouldn’t be on. With a super simple set-up and a price tag of merely $149, this is definitely an amazing way to make your home smarter and more secure! You can purchase Wallflower directly on their site.

We hope you liked this roundup of cool and useful products – Let us know in the comments if you have one of these gadgets or if this post has convinced you to buy something! See you in next month’s roundup 😉

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