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Sunday Spotlight – The September Edition

October 3, 2017

by Ambi Climate

October 3, 2017

by Ambi Climate

If you’re following us on Facebook, you can’t miss our “Sunday Spotlight”; every Sunday, we feature a gadget or innovation that we think is awesome and worth sharing with our fans. So many interesting products out there!

In September we had 4 cool gadgets to share with you, each a delight on its own. Read on to see what they are!


Wonderboom spotlight

Summer may be over, but the weather is still nice for outdoor activity; and what outdoor activity is complete without the perfect soundtrack?! Enter Wonderboom speaker by Ultimate Ears, a Bluetooth portable speaker which packs a punch in sound AND is dirt-resistant & waterproof! We’re gonna take advantage of the pleasant weather days left and let this beauty sit next to us – you can do the same and find out where to buy on their site.

Polaroid ZIP

Polaroid ZIP

Though we all have our lives on our phones, tablets and laptops, sometimes we still want a good old printed photo to look and smile at! Polaroid’s ZIP Mobile Printer can help with that, with the use of Bluetooth/NFC technology. Just connect your phone to the free app, get Premium Zink zero papers and print up to 25 photos from your phone or tablet before you need to charge the device again. You can get a special bundle including the device, printing papers, stickers and other perks for just $169.99 on Amazon.


Pium spotlight

It’s long been known that aromatherapy holds many advantages in affecting your body; whether you’re looking to soothe, calm, energize or sleep better, different scents and essential oils can help you with that! While candles may be toxic, and regular diffusers require a bit of fussing around with, Pium introduces a smart diffuser that can serve as your personal aromatherapist. Simply put in the scent capsules you like (with organic natural essential oils!), and let Pium do the rest; it will schedule scents according to your preference and the time of day, filling your space with a great smell and a wonderful ambience. After a great Kickstarter campaign, we’re waiting for more news about ordering one of these!


ORII spotlight.png

In a nonstop environment of modern life, we constantly have to take calls, text people, be there, be present and always ONLINE! Looking at screens all day long can take a toll on your health and your mood, which is where ORII comes in. ORII is a wearable set of an earpiece & smart ring that help you answer calls or texts (or lots of other stuff!) at the slight touch of a hand! You can do this discreetly every time and get the perfect sound with the earpiece in your inner ear – super comfy when your hands are busy or when you’re out and about and need some on-the-go convenience. To read more about ORII and order yours, head over to their Indiegogo campaign.

We hope you liked this roundup of cool and useful products – Let us know in the comments if you have one of these gadgets or if this post has convinced you to buy something! See you in next month’s roundup 😉

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