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Sunday Spotlight – The October Edition

November 1, 2017

by Ambi Climate

November 1, 2017

by Ambi Climate

If you’re following us on Facebook, our “Sunday Spotlight” is a sure thing! every Sunday, we feature a gadget or innovation that we think is awesome and worth sharing with our fans.

In October we had no less than 5 cool inventions to share with you, each of them able to help with such different aspects of our lives. Read on to see what they are!



We all know how important it is to have a solid and strong WiFi connection that won’t fail you (or your IoT devices!). Actually, the heart of a great, functioning Smart Home is its WiFi connection; and for a good connection, you need a GOOD router. Eero has you covered, with a simple, secure and reliable home WiFi system with a great look to match the modern home. Goodbye ugly antennas!

You can read more about Eero on their website.

Sleep Number


Do you like your bed firm or soft? Is it sometimes hard to decide? Designed to keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable, the Sleep Number smart bed uses a unique technology to sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support, throughout the night! The bed also tracks your sleep quality to teach you more and learn what they call your “SleepIQ”. The best sleep ever? Sign us up!

You can read more about this awesome bed on their website.


Nanit Spotlight

For the parents among us, nothing is more important than making sure your baby is safe, healthy and getting enough sleep; lots of baby monitors give some control, but do you know many monitors that give ultimate control? We didn’t think so. Nanit is a baby monitor that has a sleek & practical design, gives you real-time HD video, and is made better by AI capabilities which record your baby’s sleep patterns & habits, giving you a complete analysis of your child’s well-being. Nanit can track and understand sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions and much more.

Sounds like less sleepless nights for both parents and baby, using the power of AI and learning. You can buy Nanit on their website.


Mezi spotlight

Here at Ambi, we’re naturally super excited when we come across gadgets/inventions/services that incorporate AI and automation to create a better and more comfortable life; and what better than combining AI with something we all love doing – travel! Mezi is your own personal AI travel assistant – it will chat with you, find and reserve your flights, hotels and even restaurants, while giving you a streamlined travel dashboard so you have it all in one place! Once your profile is created it is then perfected to offer you the best tailored experiences according to what you normally prefer and choose – whether flight class or dining options.

Mezi is currently available on the App Store and is coming soon to Google Play! Find out more here.



Everybody needs an assistant. This is what led the creators of Fin – your personal #AI assistant, here to help you with anything. Fin can call, email, text, schedule, research, book, and purchase for you; it’s available every minute of every day and all you need is your voice and your phone! Your assistant learns more and more about you, to tailor the services and interactions you receive to the optimum. The great part? You only pay for what you use, with every minute costing $1.

In such a fast-paced life we’re living, we could all use a hand to take all the annoying tasks off of our heads – you can check out more info about Fin on their website.

We hope you liked this roundup of cool and useful products – Let us know in the comments which one you’d like the most! See you in next month’s roundup 😉

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