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Sunday Spotlight – The November Edition

December 4, 2017

by Ambi Climate

December 4, 2017

by Ambi Climate

If you’re following us on Facebook, you know our “Sunday Spotlight” is a tradition by now! every Sunday, we feature a gadget or innovation that we think is awesome and worth sharing with our fans.

In November we had 4 cool gadgets to share with you, ranging from a kitchen gadget and all the way to one that will help you train your brain! Read on to see what they are.



Do you know what air you’re breathing? With so many different particles and toxins surrounding us, it’s hard to really pinpoint the bad stuff and even harder to protect ourselves and our family. uHoo is dedicated to providing people with technology to understand the air they breathe, for a healthier environment. It has multiple sensors for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, airborne chemicals, particulate matter and others – giving you a comprehensive view of what’s going on, in a dedicated app (iOS and Android). uHoo can be especially helpful to those suffering from asthma or allergies, but also useful for parents of young children, the elderly and those interested in knowing the air they breathe and how they can improve it.

You can purchase uHoo for $299 on their website.


Light Camera.jpg

We can definitely say that the world is photo-crazed; everyone is documenting, uploading, making memories – and so, comes a need for exceptional phones or cameras to allow all this activity. Most smartphones nowadays provide good cameras that have long replaced traditional photo-gear, but no smartphone is quite like Light (check out some Light reviews here). A lightweight, super-unique camera, Light has packed 16 imaging sensors—each with its own lens—into a device that fits in a jacket pocket! Every time you take a photo, The L16 fires up to 10 of its cameras (based on focal length), which then enables you to play around with each photo you take, edit it, and eventually receive incredible 52MP images.

Although on the pricier side, this one is definitely on our wishlist! Cameras should be ready for shipping in early 2018, so reserve yours now!



In the fast-paced world we live in, there’s no wonder so many people suffer from lack of focus and slowly losing their ability to maintain attention span. NeuroPlus allows you to tap into your brain and boost your attention; a comfortable headset, this smart device has built-in sensors to monitor your brainwaves. It works by measuring brain activity (EEG) and muscle tension (EMG), sending real-time feedback into training video games via Bluetooth to help you practice and improve your focus. The games are not boring exercises though – they’re super fun! You can sail ships, ride dragons, and much more with just the power of your brain. Suitable for all ages, it’s an amazing way to promote your neuro functions while having fun!

You can pre-order NeuroPlus just in time for the holiday season, and receive it in December or January.



Always wanted to make your own yogurt at home? Yomee lets you do just that! All you need is milk and a Yomee pod – and in 6 hours you’ll get your fresh yogurt, personalized to your taste. With the insulated cup and lid you can keep your yogurt in the fridge and also travel with it! Using the Yomee app, you have a variety of yogurts to choose from (dairy and non-dairy), as well as recipe ideas. Finally, you won’t contribute to the plastic waste of the world, since Yomee pods are a combination of yogurt culture and rice starch. Zero waste and yummy yogurt sound like a recipe for success to us 🙂

While Yomee is still in production to be available in Summer 2018, you can pre-order yours now.

We hope you liked this roundup of products – Let us know in the comments which one you’d like to get the most! See you in next month’s roundup 😉

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