Sunday Spotlight – The December Edition and Looking Back at 2017

January 5, 2018

by Ambi Climate

January 5, 2018

by Ambi Climate

Can you believe it has already been a whole year of our Facebook Sunday Spotlights? Neither can we! Here’s something to refresh your mind about this past month’s cool gadgets and also highlights from the past!


Rachio spotlight

Everywhere you look, people are trying to save money – whether on sustainable products or looking for ways to lower their bills. For those of us with a garden or backyard, seems like the water bill is always sky high. Rachio is a smart sprinkler controller, easily replacing your traditional one, that gives you the ultimate control of your water usage, right from your smartphone; the creators claim you can save up to 50% on your water bill – which we find incredible! Rachio uses different sensors and online data to create a custom watering schedule, considering rain and weather changes or even the type of soil you have! It’s also compatible with Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant and other services to ensure a smooth smart home experience.

You can purchase Rachio starting at $199.99 directly on their website.


Thync spotlight

Often find yourself stressed, uneasy and not getting quality sleep? You’re not alone. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone seems to be way more restless. Thync is here to change that; a small, smart wearable that you put on your forehead or the back of your neck, sending low level electrical stimulation to activate specific nerve pathways. These small “vibes” communicate with specific areas of your brain to help control stress levels, mood and sleep quality. Thync has two modes – Deep Sleep & Deep Relax – both set to put your mind at ease and help you wind down.

It’s super simple to use too – simply place the module on your forehead or neck, download the app and choose a program – in a 10-minute session Thync will do the rest. A natural and safe way to reduce stress and anxiety – bye bye pills! You can buy Thync directly on their website.


GoBone Spotlight.png

Ever find it hard to keep your dog entertained and active while you’re not at home? GoBone is a device made for you and your dog! With app control, you can automatically keep your pup active while you’re busy – you can play or make sure they get enough exercise. GoBone adjusts its behavior based on age, weight, breed, and play style to engage your dog better. The battery lasts for 8 hours, which sure is plenty of time to play and train. Sounds like a necessity in today’s busy schedule and a great way to learn new ways to play!

You can get GoBone for $169 directly on the website.  


Human Charger.png

Just in time to wrap this year up and get started on our New Year resolutions, a major resolution should definitely be: less stress, more happiness. HumanCharger is aiming to help with that exactly; it may look like a set of earphones, but this revolutionary device was designed for your well-being. The earphones project bright light directly to the light-sensitive regions of your brain, and can be used to increase energy levels, improve mood, increase mental alertness, reduce the effects of jet lag and keep winter blues at bay. All you need is 12 minutes every two hours when you feel most tired, to give yourself a boost. Bright light therapy has been used since the 1980’s, but it has been mostly administered through the eyes and would take a longer time – making this a much more convenient solution!

You can start your year off right and for $219 get your own HumanCharger here.

Have you seen our past spotlight posts? We’ve discovered so many amazing products and gadgets in 2017, it’s hard to mention them all, but we’ll try to give you a taste.

We loved finding tech that can help you sleep better like Circadia, Sleep Number and Dreem; we took time to think about your pets and your kids with gadgets like uHoo, Furbo, and Nanit; we kept your home in mind with a bunch of cool gadgets to make living life better like Anova, Pium, Wallflower and Blossom; not to mention many more fun products like speakers, earphones, cameras, water purifiers and what not. We sure hope you’ve been loving these posts. We plan on getting you more of the same in 2018!

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