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Home Automation: 5 Reasons to Invest in Your Smart Home

February 23, 2018

by Ambi Climate

February 23, 2018

by Ambi Climate

If we try to summarize the latest hot concepts it would come down to this: AI, IoT and Home Automation. With about half of Americans using voice assistants, and numbers growing rapidly all over the globe, it’s clear that our world is going towards automation, simplifying life and giving us more benefits than one. Here’s why you better join the party and create your Smart Home!

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Home automation is “bringing life” into various devices around your home, giving you full access to control those devices using your smartphone. Automation allows you to program and schedule events to fit your needs, keep you safe and provide an easier life.



There’s no question that home security is a huge deal. New Smart home technologies – from door locks and doorbells, through sensors and smart cameras – make it much easier to monitor and control your home, ensuring safety from wherever you are. You can make sure no one forgot to lock the door, set alerts for unusual activity and know when the faucet is leaking, all through simple apps. Products like Vivint Doorbell Camera, Nest Cam, August Smart Lock and the FIBARO Motion Sensor can greatly help monitor both indoor and outdoor conditions. Plus? Home Automation provides a much cheaper solution as compared to traditional home security systems.


Comfort is an elusive thing – especially with modern life’s increasingly busy schedules. Smart Home Automation provides a multitude of benefits to make your life comfy and enjoyable, leaving you time to focus on your work or family. From smart lighting always giving you the best setting, through coffee that is programmed to brew for you when you wake up, to smart diffusers there to soothe or invigorate you – comfort can run big or small.

It seems like the most prominent comfort benefit automation can give you is smart AC control; something Ambi Climate is proud to be doing. Giving you full access to monitor from anywhere and several Smart Modes, Ambi Climate can help you achieve what you can’t do on your own. By using sensors, data and smart AI algorithms it can enhance your air conditioner in the most efficient way, maximize your comfort and save you time and money.Learn More About Ambi Climate.png

Money Saving


When you use a thermostat, smart lights, or other Smart Home products, you don’t only save the environment; you save some big bucks. Home Automation and the ability to constantly monitor removes the hazard of making mistakes like leaving the lights or AC on, or even wasting time and money going back to an unlocked home. Moreover, many of these devices are designed to be energy-efficient, so it literally pays off to invest in them.

Numerous devices like Rachio, Anova, Philips Hue or U by Moen (and of course, Ambi Climate) can help out with saving energy and lowering your utility bills.

Convenience & Full Control


Gone are the days of worrying about your home, loved ones or possessions. Home Automation provides a hassle free way to control and monitor, giving you peace of mind. All you need is a phone and a mobile connection, and any device will give you convenient access to control anywhere, anytime. Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home are another great way to even reduce the need to use your phone – integrated with plenty of devices, all you have to do is speak up! 

Time Saving

Finally, another great benefit of Home Automation is that it saves you time from manually & individually performing all these different tasks. You will bypass a lot of frustration while enjoying more time to focus on other things – no more looking for remotes, or worrying about your children’s well-being. You will finally have time to enjoy your life without running around with a never-ending “to-do” list, increasing productivity and enjoying your time off.


Home Automation touches on multiple aspects of our life and is able to fit into every room and every need we may imagine. From the kitchen to the bedroom, nothing is left behind – giving you the freedom to design and customize the Smart Home of your dreams. The overall benefit is making sure your home is optimized, and whoever inhabits it is happy, safe and looked after. That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

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  1. Millie Hue says:

    It got me when you said that this will assure us that there will be no one to forget that the door was not locked. I will definitely get this done to our home. This is because I usually forget our house to be locked. Good thing that my neighbor is always reminding me especially before I go to work.

  2. It makes sense to use the most time saving options when it comes to getting home automation. Making sure that you are not bypassing various issues is part of this. I like this idea of not having a difficult to-do list and will look into home automation for this reason.

  3. I like that you mentioned how it literally pays to invest in home automation. The security benefits are really enticing to me as well. I think being able to automate from a distance would be so nice when I’m away.

  4. Hazel Owens says:

    That’s good to know that you can make sure that your front door is always locked by using home automation. My sons tend to run out of the house and always forget to unlock the front door when they go to school so I’m trying to figure out how to figure out how to ensure the door’s locked. I’ll have to look into getting home automation installed so I can lock the door when I’m at work.

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