Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in February

March 1, 2018

by Ambi Climate

March 1, 2018

by Ambi Climate

February has come and gone, and here we are again, taking a look at the cool gadgets we got a chance to feature this past month! Read on to see what rocked our boat…

This time around we had 4 unique tech products, for everyone from pet owners to the eco-conscious and tech-savvy!

Petrics Smart Bed

Petrics Smart Bed Spotlight.jpg

This one is for the pet owners: ever feel like you don’t quite know how to track your dog’s or cat’s well-being and health? Coming soon, Petrics is launching a smart pet bed that will help exactly with that! The bed will be able to track weight and activity, and will come with an activity tracker, a waterproof collar that can monitor your pet throughout the day; it will also track their caloric burn rate, rest levels, and other health metrics, all to ensure you’re always in-the-know. This way you’ll know how the food you’re giving your pets affects them or what temperature they’re comfortable in with the bed’s built-in thermostatic control.

Finally an IoT solution truly helping our furry friends! You can keep track on Petrics’ website to see when the bed launches, to grab it first.

The Tetra

Tetra Spotlight.PNG

Dishwashers are something we all want to have – the problem is, they take up a lot of space, are expensive and it’s hard to find one that doesn’t waste water. Heatworks have now come up with an eco-friendly, space-saving countertop dishwasher! The Tetra uses up very little water with every load and is designed to wash two complete place settings in 10 minutes only, including plastic and other materials, thanks to advanced technology!

Installation is as easy as plugging in a cable, and with the app you can adjust water pressure, cycles and start it remotely. It’s set to be released in the market later in 2018, with a pretty convenient price tag of $300. You can follow up to know when it’s available on their website.

Nomad Wireless Hub

Nomad Wireless Charger Spotlight1.jpg

There are plenty of battery packs, extra chargers or power banks you can use; but what would you say about a one-of-a-kind wireless USB hub? Nomad‘s sleek wireless charger is fit for any place or setting, with no cables or hassle! Capable of charging up to 5 devices at once and with four high-powered USB ports and clean cable management, it’s sure to be a great addition for anyone’s travels or just to use at home. And the price? Just $80!

For what you get, this is definitely a great investment. Just note that the wireless charging is compatible only with iPhone X/8, but the USB ports are for all! You can get yours directly here.

Fusion Lens

Fusion Lens Spotlight

Don’t you wish it was easier to shoot quality 360-degree photos and videos with your phone? It seems like all the dedicated apps to do this are clumsy and don’t give you the optimal finished product! If you ask the creators of Fusion Lens they’ll tell you it’s easier than it seems. Fusion Lens is a simple, battery-free add on for your phone which enables you to shoot 360 in 6K! It’s lightweight and easy to set up, instantly upgrading your phone’s camera. With a simple app and high quality imagery, you definitely want this one if you have an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 or 8 Plus!

Fusion Lens debuted on Indiegogo and is now available for pre-order.

We hope you liked this roundup – Let us know in the comments which one is your fav!

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