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Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in March

April 4, 2018

by Ambi Climate

April 4, 2018

by Ambi Climate

March was all about safe, sustainable and useful tech in our regular Facebook features. Last month we had 4 awesome tech products, fit for anyone who wants to keep their home under control, their alcohol intake in moderation and their water consumption leveled! Read on to see what they were.



Wouldn’t you love to take the stress out of worrying about your home? It’s happened to all of us: left the window open, the door unlocked or came back home to a flooded bathroom. Notion is here to help you with all of those and more! With 1 bridge (hub) and as many sensors as you’d like to place around the house, it’s easy to monitor and keep track of security, safety and the well-being of your home. There are loads of uses and all is controllable through the app, so you’re always in-the-know. With a super easy setup, this sounds like an awesome solution for some peace of mind!

You can get Notion starting at $219 on their website.

Livin Shower

Livin Shower Spotlight.jpg

Taking the time to run water until it gets comfy enough to step in the shower results in a lot of waste and crazy utility bills, plus we always have to readjust it to the correct temperature! Wouldn’t it be great if we could preset our shower to be the exact way we like it? Livin Shower warms up your shower and pauses the stream at the target, waiting only for you! All you need to do is press a button or use voice control. Installation is super easy and the mobile app allows full control and monitoring so you can actually see how much water you save!

Livin started off as a Kickstarter project and raised over $100K – you can sign up on their website to receive updates on when it’s available for purchase.


BACtrack-Skyn spotlight.png

We all know you shouldn’t drink and drive – but do we really know how much alcohol is running through our veins at any given moment? If you ever wanted to be able to track and know if you should have that extra glass of wine, BACtrack has come up with a solution: BACtrack SKYN is a wearable that look like a watch, which solves the problem by continuously tracking your blood alcohol level. All the data is sent to your smartphone so you can always be in-the-know and aware – you’ll also get a good sense of how different drinks or amounts affect you, so you can make smarter and better choices next time you’re out and about!

You can visit their website to join the waiting list and enjoy early-bird prices when it’s available.



In today’s world we keep looking for better and more sustainable solutions for everyday life. One of these issues is where do we get our water – water bottles, filters, what? In an attempt to minimize plastic use and save water rOcean has created an all-in-one smart device that you can easily place on your counter-top (without taking too much space) and connect straight to your tap; with it you can have filtered, carbonated (to the degree of your choice), and flavored water at the push of a button. With an advanced filtration system and a super easy installation this is definitely a more convenient, healthy and eco-conscious way to go.

The Indiegogo campaign has raised over $170K, with shipping to backers estimated for December 2018. Follow up on the campaign page and their website for more updates on when this technology will become available.

We hope you liked this roundup – Let us know in the comments which one is your fav! As always – make sure to subscribe to our blog & follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram for all updates!



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