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Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in April

May 3, 2018

by Ambi Climate

May 3, 2018

by Ambi Climate

April started off worried about our hydration (alcoholic or regular) and proceeded to showcase 3 more gadgets, all here to protect us from various issues modern life has in store – cyber security, self defense and monitoring air quality. Read on to see all of past month’s gadgets!

PicoBrew Model C

PicoC Spotlight.png

With the whole world going green, sustainable and organic nothing gets left behind – not even your beer! PicoBrew has introduced Pico Model C, a sleek and cool brewing appliance that can make anyone a master beer brewer. You can brew beers from over 170 breweries without all the crazy equipment and the never-ending cleanup. Wi-fi connected and super easy to use, who thought making the beer of your dreams right at home could be so easy? All you need to do is choose your PicoPak and the device will know to choose the ideal mashing temperature, duration, and hop additions. You can also make a custom beer and then be sure to impress your friends!

You can get Pico Model C for $399 here.



H2O Pal Spotlight.jpg

Let’s face it; most of us neglect the recommendation to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day – we’re either too busy or maybe too lazy? Luckily, H2OPal is here to make sure you drink enough! The smart glass bottle tracks your water consumption and sends back all the info to a dedicated app that let’s you see exactly how healthy you’re becoming. You can set hydration goals based on weather or that day’s activity to make sure you’re getting what you need. Over time you’ll see your progress and improve your regular water intake – healthy and happy life awaits!

You can get your own bottle for $99 here.


Cujo spotlight.png

With so many different devices connected to our home network, the risk of cyber security and other nuisances grows. Hackers, malware, attacks – you name it! CUJO was created to protect all your devices from phishing and other terrible things. By analyzing your network traffic data it can monitor conditions at all times, detecting suspicious activity and blocking it! You can also create amazing parental control to make sure no one is going where they don’t need to go, and with easy notifications you always know what has been blocked and how you’ve been protected. With increasing numbers of devices, it’s super important to stay on track with security and make sure all your information is in safe hands – a definite must have for any modern home!

You can get Cujo and learn more on their website for $249.


Athena Spotlight.png

If there’s one good thing technology has brought into our lives, it’s the opportunity to enhance our security and keep our loved ones safer. For women, this is especially important. Athena is a smart and discreet wearable that can detect your location and send an SOS at the push of a button – with a personal safety app, your location is then shared to preset contacts whenever you feel in danger or in a shady place. Athena is super small and has a very long battery life, making it easy to attach it to anything and wear it out and about – you no longer need to be scared to walk back home at night or ride a taxi in an area you’re not familiar with!

You can get Athena off their website for $129.

BRID Air Purifier

BRID spotlight.jpg

How would you like to say goodbye to Carbon Monoxide, pollution, allergens and bacteria? Clean air is such a sought-after product in today’s modern and overly-industrialized world. BRID is the a compact indoor air purifier with patented Nano-structured ceramic filters that effectively break down all these nasties into clean air! The filters are washable and easy to use, there are different sizes to accommodate different spaces, a cool app to help you monitor and you can even cut expenses thank to easy and simple maintenance procedures.

You can pre-order BRID and improve your indoor air quality on Indiegogo, starting at $399.

We hope you liked this roundup – Let us know in the comments which one is your fav! As always – make sure to subscribe to our blog & follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram for all updates!


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