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Smart Home Journey: Why You Need a Smart AC Remote Controller

See why building a Smart Home starts with efficient and smart air conditioner control - with automation, voice integrations and more!

The Secret Guide to Beating the Heat with Your Air Conditioner

Learn how to use and set your air conditioner for the best comfort, energy savings and staying cool!

Make Your Life and Home Better with Geolocation for Easy Air Conditioner Control

Find out more about Ambi Climate's smart multi-user geolocation feature, for easy automation of your air conditioner and constant home comfort - stop worrying about your AC!

How Time of Day Dictates Our Comfort and Which Part Does Our Air Conditioner Play

Were you aware that time of day and your metabolic cycle is a highly important factor determining your comfort? How can your AC adapt to your routine? Read all about it!

Thermal Radiation, Its Vast Effect On Comfort and Our AC’s Role

Did you have any idea to what extent sunlight could change how you feel? Is your AC able to help balance it out? Read up on all the details!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in May

Clean your air and take care of your dog the smart way - all of this and more in this month's gadget roundup!

6 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Smart Air Conditioner Remote Controller

So you've decided you want a smart AC controller but don't know how to choose the right one? Check out this buyer guide to answer all your questions!

Why Understanding Indoor Humidity is Essential and How You Can Monitor and Control it

How important is humidity for our comfort and our home's safety? Can the air conditioner help us control it? Find all the answers and explanations inside!

Universal Remote Control VS Smart AC Remote Control: A Comparison Guide

Universal Remotes, Smart AC controllers or AI AC controllers... Confused with all the choices? We're here to settle the score!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in April

Up your H2O intake and protect yourself and your home in our latest roundup of tech gadgets!

Why Air Conditioning is Essential for Your Pet’s Comfort When You’re Away

Dive into the problems and dangers of leaving your pets alone at home and discover the ideal solution for your peace of mind.

Enjoy Smart Scheduling and Automation with Ambi Climate

Learn how to make use of Ambi Climate's timers and Away Mode to enjoy truly smart scheduling and ensure optimal conditions year-round, to fit your every move!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in March

Save water, drink alcohol smartly and protect your home in this rendition of our favorite gadgets from the past month!

How IoT and AI Will Build the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Better control, energy saving and efficiency are sought-after benefits in the modern world - how are we going to get them?

Your Air Conditioning Myths, Debunked

We all wonder exactly how our air conditioners work and what exactly are all these terms - dry mode, cool mode and more! This post is here to dispel common myths about your AC, its little secrets and how you can consume less power and save energy!

How to Successfully and Easily Set Up Your Ambi Climate

Getting started with your Ambi Climate is as easy as pie - here are all the steps, tips and tricks!
Smart Life Delivered Your Way

Smart Life Delivered Your Way