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Get the Full Story Of Our Crazy Year in Ambi Climate World

What have we been up to this past year? What have we not!

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition Kickstarter Campaign – The Recap!

A quick look into Ambi Climate's recent Kickstarter campaign and the amazing way it has evolved!

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition – LIVE On Kickstarter!

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition is now on Kickstarter - back us now!

Ambi Climate’s #RISEConf 2015 Recap

Months before RISE landed in Hong Kong, we knew this was going to be a very big deal for Asia, much less Hong Kong.

How Does Ambi Climate Work With Any Remote-Controlled Air Conditioner?

Check out Part I of our Founders’ Series for an inside look at how we make Ambi Climate work with your AC through infrared codes:

Order Your Ambi Climate Today: We’re Live On Kickstarter!

If you haven’t yet claimed your own Ambi Climate, don’t wait too long – these units are going fast!

And the Winner of Our Jawbone Up24 Giveaway Is…

We recently held a Jawbone Up24 Giveaway in celebration of getting approval for our Kickstarter campaign. One week and 800 entries later, we found our winner!

Get Ambi Climate on Kickstarter next Tuesday!

Support Ambi Climate and join the Thunder: smart upgrade for your AC on @ThunderclapIt // @ambiclimate
Smart Life Delivered Your Way

Smart Life Delivered Your Way