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Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in February

A smart pet bed and 360 photos in 6K?! These are just two of the awesome gadgets we discovered this month!

Sunday Spotlight – The November Edition

Just in time for New Year's resolutions - make your life better with our November installments of Sunday Spotlights!

The Ultimate Smart Holiday Gift Guide You Need In Your Life

Still don't know what to get this holiday season? Our 2017 Gift Guide will help you!

Sunday Spotlight – The October Edition

Sleep better, live better and build a better Smart Home - are you ready for the latest spotlights?

Improving Your Health with the Help of Technology and IoT

Home is where you should feel safest and healthiest - now possible thanks to IoT and AI!

Introducing 7 Practical Ways for Smart & Easy Energy Saving this Winter

Cost-effective options to keep you warm this winter without having to deal with skyrocketing energy costs!

Sunday Spotlight – The September Edition

Gadgets for your life, soul and work - which one would you pick?

What People Should Look for in a Smart Home System

Do you know what you need to know before embarking on the Smart Home adventure?

Sunday Spotlight – The August Edition

Three gadgets you definitely need in your life!

Places You Didn’t Know A.I. Existed in Your Daily Life

Did you know you're already using these 5 A.I. technologies in your daily life?

Sunday Spotlight – The July Edition

Our roundup of July's hottest tech gadgets and innovations!

Smart Summer Travel Essentials For The Ultimate Vacation

For those of you who are still planning your getaway, presenting the definite must-haves for an amazing summer vacation!

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition Kickstarter Campaign – The Recap!

A quick look into Ambi Climate's recent Kickstarter campaign and the amazing way it has evolved!

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Artificial Intelligence

Lately it seems that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere; all anyone can talk about, covering every imaginable aspect and topic, is how AI will ultimately and inevitably change our lives. While this is undeniably a growing and booming interest, people still don’t really know much about AI, its origins or what it actually is.

New Year, New Look!

2017 and the Year of the Rooster got us thinking... New Year's resolutions are definitely a trend we see everyone adopting, so it only made sense we do the same; how could we spruce things up and start afresh?

Ambi Climate 2016 Recap

2016 was an eventful year at Ambi Climate! Thanks to your support, we’ve introduced new features and expanded our global reach. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to
Smart Life Delivered Your Way

Smart Life Delivered Your Way