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Air Conditioning Comfort

Uses Machine Learning and a suite of smart sensors to reinvent how you feel at all times and seasons. Effectively minimizes overcooling and overheating, saving you up to 30% on energy.

Unique Sensors

Measure temperature, humidity, sunlight and even your AC performance.

Online Data

Gathers local weather and time of day, as well as your valuable comfort feedback.

Ambi Cloud

Advanced AI algorithms analyze all data to help create a personalized environment.

Unique Needs,
Unique AI Solutions

Simply interact with the in-app feedback interface to indicate your comfort level; Ambi’s AI will learn from you to continuously auto-adjust your AC and cater to your needs.

Comfort is highly personal

Your comfort profile gives a clear view on how different factors affect you and allows Ambi to maintain an optimal environment. For more than one user, Ambi will combine profiles to balance everyone’s needs.

Away a lot?

Efficiently keep your home within desired temperature or humidity thresholds.

Know your sweet spot?

Maintain your favorite room temperature without readjusting or wasting energy.

Voice Control & Integrations

Communicate with Alexa, Google Home or Siri to provide comfort feedback and control your AC or use IFTTT and an open API for the ultimate Smart Home experience.

Ambi Climate integrated with Amazon Alexa Ambi Climate integrated with Google Home Badge Ambi Climate integrated with IFTTT

Multi-user Geolocation

Intelligently switches your AC based on your pre-set radius, or automatically turns it off when you leave, using geofencing and your phone’s location, and considering everyone at home.

Timers & Scheduling

Effortlessly manage your home’s condition at all times – no matter your schedule or busy lifestyle – with unlimited timers for all smart modes.

Valuable Insights

Get more from your AC – learn about your usage patterns, preferences and what makes your comfort unique.

Simple Plug & Play

All you need is the app, WiFi, a power outlet and 5 minutes to install!

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