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Always Adjusting the AC

Constantly adjusting your air conditioner to meet your needs can be quite frustrating ‒ especially when it’s never just right. Weather changes raise the need for adjustment to cope with the changing conditions; something our AC can’t automatically do.

"Ambi Climate knows exactly what needs to happen to get the room to be comfortable, whether it be cooling, drying or whatever"

‒ Steven, New Zealand

Adjusting the air conditioner with the remote
Ambi Climate on the bedside table

Low Sleep Comfort

Many people find they constantly wake up too cold in the middle of the night, or have a hard time falling asleep since the room conditions aren’t ideal for them. Our body temperature, as well as the external temperature, fluctuates throughout the night, normally becoming cooler towards morning; while our AC is usually set at the same temperature and doesn’t adjust to meet our needs.

"I am a very sensitive sleeper and have always been used to waking in the middle of the night just to change the air con settings or turn it off/on. I'm getting less interrupted sleep...not just because I don't have to wake up for myself, but because of my toddler as well."

‒ KS, Singapore

Energy Consumption

When we can’t fully control and monitor our air conditioner, we also make common mistakes ‒ turn it on for too long; choose the wrong set temperature; and most importantly, lack the knowledge to use it for optimal energy consumption. Overheating or overcooling causes significant energy & money waste. Our various integrations and features (such as geo-location, Comfort Mode and Away Mode) make you use your air conditioner in a smarter way, resulting in up to 30% off your electric bill.

"Ambi Climate has been an excellent addition to our home ...we have saved [AU$] 80 per month on our electrical bill ...

‒ Ewan, Queensland"

Ambi Climate eliminating overheating and overcooling
Ambi Climate app showing humidity and temperature conditions

Be Aware. Anywhere.

A big fear for those of us who travel a lot or own a vacation home is leaving your property exposed to weather damage. While some traditional air conditioners might allow you to set a timer, there is no way to monitor and see the actual humidity or temperature conditions; a basic need in today’s fast paced and connected world. Ambi Climate’s Away Mode takes the stress out of traveling by keeping your home under preset conditions, with temperature or humidity thresholds.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

With a traditional air conditioner, it’s hard to make sure the other members of your household are well taken care of. Pets are normally left alone at home for long periods of time, making it hard for you to control their comfort and ensure their well-being. With children, it’s even more delicate; your child’s sleep comfort is an elusive and crucial thing, since children have completely different needs and comfort thresholds than grown-ups ‒ mainly to do with overheating. With the need to closely monitor, your AC just doesn’t cut it!

Ambi Climate on the side table of a crib
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