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Reduce your energy waste

Protect the planet by reducing your energy consumption.

Better comfort. Kind to the environment.

Energy savings without suffering.

Family time in comfy home

Heat and cool only when you need it

Creating comfortable AC takes precision. Ambi Climate automatically adjusts your AC & heat pumps, efficiently ensuring your home is never too hot or too cold.

Turning off when you leave home

Your air conditioner only runs when you need it

Unnecessary use adds up quickly. Ambi Climate automatically turns your AC & heat pumps off when you leave. Never cool an empty home again.

Save energy when you are not at home

Stop wasting energy on unnecessary heating or cooling

Have one less thing to worry about. Set timers so every AC & heat pumps in your house works to your home routine without you having to remember to turn them on or off.

Weather conditions change

Smart air conditioning that adapts to the conditions

Change the settings or not? Take the guesswork out. Ambi Climate smart sensors detect surrounding conditions like temperature and humidity. Ambi cleverly finds the right AC & heat pumps settings.

man checking temperature at home on his phone

Don't sweat the small stuff. Know What's going on.

Ambi Climate app gives you detailed insights and full AC & heat pumps control.Check room conditions anywhere, anytime. Monitor your usage patterns to stay in the know.

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