Meet The Ambi Climate App

Ambi Climate lets you manage all your air conditioners from your smartphone and much, much more.

How Ambi Climate Works

Ambi App
ambi cloud
ambi climate
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Ambi App

Remote AC access and fine-grain AC control.

Ambi Cloud

Builds a tailored comfort profile of you and how your AC performs.

Ambi Climate

Learns about the characteristics of your home environment.

Your AC

Auto-adjusts your AC for better comfort and greater energy savings.

Comfort Mode

Ambi Climate learns what AC settings you prefer and builds a tailored profile based off your preferences.

Historical Graphs

Get the big picture with Historical Graphs. See what personalized indoor comfort looks like and watch how Ambi Climate is working to keep you comfortable. Gain a deeper understanding of your AC usage over time.

Away Mode

When you’re away, Ambi Climate can help you protect your property and belongings from changing conditions. Set thresholds to make sure your AC turns on at the right time and specific conditions are maintained.

Indoor Comfort at Your Fingertips

Our beautiful, user-friendly app lets you swiftly manage and control all your air conditioners.

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