How Much Can Ambi Climate Save You On Your Energy Bill?

We’re now in Week 2 of our Kickstarter campaign and many of you have been asking, “How much can Ambi Climate actually save me?” That made us wonder: What would happen if everyone used Ambi Climate?We took a moment to crunch the numbers and here’s what we found - check out what could happen if you used Ambi Climate for just one year:


We’re almost at our second stretch goal: IFTTT and our open API. It has been exciting to see how Kickstarter backers are broadening the functionality of Ambi Climate. Perhaps you could effectively save even more than $110/year, with some creative protocols or IFTTT recipes.Check out our Kickstarter campaign if you haven’t yet - your support will help us reach our next stretch goal! And let us know if there are questions you have about Ambi Climate, we’d love to hear them!

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