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It’s Time To Rethink Air Conditioning

Over the past two years, we have talked to hundreds of people about one thing: their air conditioner. Our conversations with various individuals all over the world usually reveal some very telling details about how we use our air conditioners.Some people concede to keeping their AC at one temperature, all year long. Many say they have given up on finding a suitable temperature and resort to switching their AC on and off to stay comfortable. Still others admit to not knowing exactly what all the buttons on their AC remote do. Do any of these tricks or habits resonate with how you use your air conditioner?Indeed, smart AC units are becoming more widely attainable but in the meantime, many of us must make do with the units we have. For us, creating a path to greater usability was the impetus in developing Ambi Climate. Ultimately, the mechanical limitations of an outdated or ageing air conditioner can lead to poor usage habits and worse yet, compromised comfort.How many times have you gone to sleep with the perfect temperature only to wake up freezing cold? Or toggled between temperatures to make the room feel “just right”? This infographic is a visual representation of the problems we have found users have with their air conditioner, based on extensive user surveys and academic research. It also addresses the technical limitations of current remote controlled air conditioners in providing optimal comfort. Both are a case for better air conditioning, and for a device like Ambi Climate.


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