Making Your Home AC Smarter

Is your AC always too hot or too cold?
Does your AC leave you feeling dry and uncomfortable?
Are you tired of having to adjust your AC to find the right temperature? 

Let's face it: our AC unit and AC remote control aren't the most evolved appliances. Even newer models that promise greater functionality often leave us feeling dried out, congested, and generally dissatisfied.

Ambi Climate delivers personalised indoor comfort through your smartphone.

Features & Benefits


Upgrade Your AC

Ambi Climate learns your AC preferences, your home's heating and cooling behaviour as well as your local weather to set the perfect indoor climate.


Manage Your AC Remotely

Ambi Climate's companion app allows you to monitor and control your AC remotely as well as set timers and alerts to care for loved ones.


Save Money and Energy

Gain meaningful insights into your AC consumption and habits to make informed decisions that will maximise comfort and minimise costs.

Personalised Indoor Comfort

We designed Ambi Climate to remedy the problems many homes in Asia have with their AC unit. 

Ambi Climate's powerful learning system is engineered to understand your needs and personalise your indoor climate, automatically.

Using high-precision sensors, infra-red and local weather data, Ambi Climate talks with your AC to help you achieve the most comfortable climate for your home.

Here's How It Works



Set the climate you prefer on the app. Ambi Climate will communicate directly with your AC over infra-red to get the settings that will achieve your comfort.



Download the app to your mobile device. The Ambi Climate App allows you to control, manage and monitor your indoor climate from anywhere, at anytime.



Ambi Climate will continue to learn about your ideal indoor climate. In doing so, it will improve its climate control and provide you with feedback to maximise comfort and minimise costs.