Ambi Climate,

The Intelligent Upgrade for Your Air Conditioner

Control your home climate from anywhere.

Automated Climate intelligence.

Conserve energy and money.

Meet Ambi Climate

Ambi Mode

Built to Know You

Never feel too hot or too cold. Ambi Climate's artificial intelligence learns your comfort and automatically adjusts your AC for a climate tailored specifically for you.

Ambi Mode

Small but Mighty

Ambi Climate is equipped with 7 built-in infrared transmitters that allow it to talk to your AC and 5 intelligent sensors to gauge when your comfort levels change.

Ambi Mode

Tailor-made Comfort

Ambi Climate gathers relevant temperature readings by being close to you. Let it learn from factors that are unique to your home environment and tell the app how you feel throughout the day.

Ambi Mode

AC Only When You Need It

Cool the room before you arrive. Ambi Climate makes it easy to switch on your AC remotely. Manage, monitor and view your air conditioner usage anytime, anywhere.

Ambi Mode

Easy Setup

Staying comfortable shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how you set up Ambi Climate: plug it in, connect to wifi and enjoy!

Ambi Mode

Use What You’ve Got

Ambi Climate works with your existing AC. As long as your AC has a remote, Ambi Climate can work with it.

Ambi Mode

Ambi Climate Makes Your AC Smart.

Ambi Climate is outfitted with accurate sensors that monitor your home environment and gather your comfort preferences.

It utilises our cloud solution to build a tailored profile that considers your comfort, outdoor seasonal influences, the time of day, activity levels in the room and other factors.

Our proprietary machine learning techniques analyse your data and settings to deliver optimal indoor comfort.

Ambi Mode

Indoor Comfort at Your Fingertips.

See what personalized comfort looks like. Our beautiful, user-friendly app is intuitively designed to let you easily manage and control all your ACs, view your data and know more about your AC’s energy use.

What Others Are Saying

  • Simple, Connected Climate Control.

    Get historic data and insights on your AC usage and performance right from the App. Gain a greater understanding of the factors that affect your comfort.

  • Big Comfort, Little Effort.

    Breathe easy. Ambi Climate makes it easy to monitor the environment closest to your baby. Automatically maintain a constant temperature and humidity for your little ones.

  • Comfort for Everyone.

    Our learning algorithms balance your AC settings for energy efficiency and comfort so you don’t have to keep your AC on all day.

  • Be Aware. Anywhere.

    A little preventative care goes a long way. Whether you’re at the office or on vacation, protect your property by managing your home’s indoor temperature, AC usage and humidity levels.