smart air conditioner controller for comfort and power saving

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"At Ambi Labs, we strongly believe both technology and design can help shape a better future for everyone. This is why, since 2012, we’ve been focusing all our efforts on creating and providing the best products in smart air conditioner & heat pump control."

Our Story

"We are inspired by the concept of Ambient Intelligence."

Ambi Labs is an IoT startup founded & headquartered in Hong Kong. Inspired by the concept of “Ambient Intelligence”, we believe that truly smart technology should appear simple and seamless – fading into the background and augmenting the user’s lifestyle.

Good technology should be natural and intuitive; it shouldn’t require too much effort, but should “know” what you want, and this is what leads us ahead. We achieve this through deeper user insights and the use of AI.

Our Milestones

Our Culture

Ambi Labs team is comprised of a talented group of like-minded individuals who share a common vision augmenting everyday household objects with intuitive, useful, and usable technology.

Ambi Climate Mini wall-mounted
We currently have an international team of 20 people in Hong Kong and the Philippines, with the bulk of the team in product development, covering hardware, cloud backend, AI, mobile and manufacturing.
smart air conditioner controller for comfort and power saving

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