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Ambi Climate for Business

Perfect temperature all day long for your customers and employees

Why Ambi Climate for my Business?

Our smart-devices will transform your commercial buildings, office spaces and shops

Multi user
Increase your offices and facilities' comfort
Our Ambi Climate products will take care of your employees and customers thermal comfort.
Multi user
Know how much energy your offices are generating
Keep your operational cost down while protecting the planet at the same time.
Multi user
Custom climate management solutions
We have created custom made software and solutions to suit your climate specifications.

Make your customers and employees happier


With a tap or  just their voice, employees can have the perfect temperature for their workstation. 


Elevate the experience of your guests during their visits at your establishment with upgraded temperature control.


Make your guest’s visit memorable with both your food and your venue. Make your restaurant cozy without lifting a finger.


Want to attract potential buyers for a new home?  Together, we can help create the future of intelligent development projects.

Business Case

LP10 Residential Buildings by Nan Fung

Together with Nan Fung Group, we created a truly environmentally protective residential development project as a part of  the next phase of LOHAS PARK.

The LP10 towers will be located in our hometown, Hong Kong. This is the first and only residential development to have its rooms fully integrated with Ambi Climate’s intelligent climate control.

Through Ambi Climate Professional, the LP10 enables residents to enjoy AI-enhanced comfort and state of the art temperature adjustment effortlessly.
The LP10 is a series of eco-rich buildings that elevates the concept of modern eco-conscious living spaces to the next level and revolutionizes the idea of sustainable habitats.

Julian Lee, Founder & CEO of Ambi Labs

Ambi's smart air conditioner controller is programmed by an app on your phone

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