smart air conditioner controller for comfort and power saving

Make your home smarter

Control your home climate with your voice

Hands-free. Endless possibilities.

Just say it!

Don't be kept waiting just because your hands are tied. Ambi Climate is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts. This way, it's always actively listening and ready to respond to your AC needs.

Ambi's smart air conditioner controller is programmed by an app on your phone

Automate your routine. Ambi Climate works with IFTTT.

Tell Ambi your comfort feedback, even if your phone app isn't in reach

• Trigger: When you get the attention of your smart assistant. E.g. "Hey Siri, tell Ambi Climate I'm hot"
• Action: Your smart assistant relays your feedback for Ambi to take action

Your AC turns itself on reliably every day

• Trigger: A specified time scheduled by you. E.g. 6pm
• Action: Ambi Climate starts your AC at 6pm every day, cooling your home for your arrival

Your AC world in Ambi Climate Comfort Mode even if an household member without the app turns it on

• Trigger: Anytime your AC is turned on
• Action: Ambi Climate is always ready to receive and respond to your feedback
smart air conditioner controller for comfort and power saving

Say hello to Ambi Climate 2

World's first AI-powered air conditioning & heat pump controller

More than just basic control

Elevate the convenience of typical smart air conditioner control to a better level and class